Blio us away

The latest developer to enter the e-book fray is Ray Kurzweil, who this week will be revealing Blio. Instead of taking a hardware approach, though, Blio is platform-independent, free software that will present books in a consistent format–rather like PDF–that also supports use of color and video. People with learning disabilities will be particularly happy to hear that this format supports use of text-to-speech synchronized with text highlighting, and that markup such as bookmarks will be imported when the file is shared among devices. Not clear what the implications will be for blind individuals; we’ll probably learn more when Blio is formally announced at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

Wired: Singularity Proponent Ray Kurzweil Reinvents the Book, Again

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  1. First Blio release not seeming to make anyone happy; improvements on the horizon:

    Wired: Ray Kurzweil’s Blio E-Book Launch Met With Confusion, Controversy

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