Talking with my g-g-generation

AARP and Microsoft just published the results of a (small) market survey of 50-60 year old Boomers and their attitudes towards technology. Although assistive features didn’t seem to come up by name, the inevitable Boomer self-centric world view resulted in a call for features that modify themselves to the user’s changing needs rather than the other way around. (We love one respondent’s comment on voice recognition-enhanced appliances: “I don’t really care if it talks back. Although I certainly don’t want it to have an opinion.”) As our needs get increasingly changinger, we hope this attitude smoothly transitions into calls for larger print, buttons that require less force, and other good design practices already acknowledged in the accessibility field. And since 1/3 of the US population will be 50-plus by next year, developers should start to pay attention if they hope we buy as we get old.

AARP/Microsoft: Boomers and Technology: An Extended Conversation

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