Losing face

The HP MediaSmart computer comes with a face-tracking capability based on “standard algorithms that measure the difference in intensity of contrast between the eyes and the upper cheek and nose.” Apparently “standard” = “Caucasian,” since it refused to work for an African-American fellow per a YouTube video currently making the rounds. We’re inferring that they also don’t apply to people with facial disfigurements such as burns, for whom changing the ambient lighting may not provide a solution. And that, folks, is why you want to put some thought into keeping your testing pool as diverse as possible.

Gadgetell: HP facial tracking software works great…unless you’re black

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  1. Jim Tobias says:

    Let’s accentuate the positive: this technology will work wonders for alternative input via head pointing, eye gaze, and expression recognition. Someday, perhaps any camera in the environment can be dragooned into serving as a personal gateway to communication and information.

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