Gboard is an interesting example of a product that will meet some accessibility needs, but with a little more design consideration could have met even more. It’s a plug-and-play pad with keys for 18 of the 69 Gmail shortcuts, plus an Escape key. For people who would have difficulty memorizing the shortcuts (or just don’t want to), just the existence of the product is helpful. As another cognitive aid, it groups and color-codes keys with related functions, although providing more variations in key shape would have made this accessible to blind users (only the Open/Close key is a different size than the others). Each key has both a icon and text label, which provides great cognitive access, but the text appears to be quite small, in all caps, and with less-than-optimal contrast against the background, which will pose legibility issues for some people with visual and learning disabilities. We’ll assume the keys require no more than standard activation force, so it could provide dexterity accommodations.

SlashGear: Gboard USB Gmail shortcut keypad

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