You’re so Square (baby, we might care)

Square is a small card reader that connects to the headphone jack of an iPhone or iPod Touch, and allows for wireless credit card transactions. So far so good, but there are two parts of the process that could make or break the accessibility implications. First, the user verifies the transaction by using a finger to scrawl their signature. If the iPhone/iPod lets the user start and finish writing at any point on the screen, it could be a boon for people with either dexterity disabilities or blindness; otherwise, it may pose significant problems. Second, once the transaction is finished, either the buyer or the merchant enters the buyer’s email address so that a receipt can be sent. How accessible is the interface for doing this on the buyer’s end, particularly since many may be reluctant to share their address with merchants?

CNET News: Twitter co-founder’s ‘Square’ comes into focus

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