In our ongoing quest to find meaningful uses for Twitter, this morning we ran across a mythic but elder-friendly variation called Twitteleh. With the original program, you’re supposed to answer the question, “What are you doing now?”, but Twitteleh simplifies the 140-character communication process even further by giving you three preset questions about your location, nourishment, and warmth to respond to and send to your mother (so she shouldn’t worry). We were going to viral this for the humor value and forget about it, but then we started thinking about groups of people with disabilities who might actually benefit from a more structured Twitter environment. For example, some people with autism ask the same questions repeatedly, and might find reassurance in unfamiliar situations if they could automatically send their usual questions to off-site family or caregivers and get quick responses. And some people with dementia or cognitive disabilities might find the standard Twitter question too vague to respond to, but could Tweet if they had a more specific or personalized question presented to them. So think about the possibilities. And go put on a sweater. Twittelah

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