You can handle pressure

Two special interest groups within the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) are sponsoring a design competition to suggest applications for a keyboard that can respond to different levels of pressure. We can think of a few accessibility applications off the bat:

    Ability to adjust the keyboard to different keypress styles–some folks need the lightest of touches, others pound pretty hard and quickly wear out standard keyboards.
    Communication strategies–pressing a key lightly would work with speech software to say, “Could you please take me to the bathroom when you get a chance?”; a heavy press would say, “Toilet. NOW.”
    Formatting assistance–pressing medium hard on a key would underline the letter, pressing hard would make it boldface.

Tell us: what would your entry be?

OhGizmo!: How Would YOU Use This? Microsoft Developing Pressure Keyboard With 256 Levels Of Sensitivity (Oh, And Win Stuff)

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