Tweet sweet assistive technology

The number of inanimate objects with their own Twitter accounts apparently is growing by leaps and bounds, now including toilets, toasters, TVs, and refrigerators (the latter discussing energy consumption, unfortunately, rather than the illicit disappearance of the last pizza slice). We still contend that this has practical implications for people who could benefit from remote notification of appliance status, regardless of disability type–imagine having a mobility disability and being saved from making repeated trips to see if the dryer has finished, or relief to you and your family if the stove Tweets to remind you that it’s been left on. The conversation isn’t scintillating, but that’s kind of par for Twitter, no?

Popgadget: Tweeting toilet proves that you don’t have to be human to be a geek

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  1. Jim Tobias says:

    It’s true — Twitter’s small message size is perfect for “telemetry” functions. Right now it’s a geek phenomenon that requires you to add a sensor, a net connection, and a Twitter client. But tomorrow we may have appliances with built-in functionality.

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