Sony motion pickup

Sony is preparing a camera-based gesture input system that works with anything you can hold.   Just move it around in front of the camera, and the system will store the views from all angles.  Then use your burrito to play tennis, your kitten to shoot bad guys, whatever.  This may wind up being great for people with limited grip and strength.

Gizmodo – Sony Patent Controls Games with That Crap on Your Coffee Table – Sony Motion Controller

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2 Responses to Sony motion pickup

  1. And if you can’t hold anything, Sony also has a facial recognition patent brewing:

    Engadget: Sony’s PlayStation Eye to gain facial recognition capabilities

  2. Two researchers at Tokyo University are now working on a variation of this that doesn’t even require you to hold anything:

    Ubergizmo: New Input Mechanism That Lets You Wave Your Fingers At Your Phone

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