Card trick

James Alliban, a Flash programmer in London, has come up with an augmented reality business card; point it at a webcam, and it gives you a 3D representation plus audio–think Leia’s virtual “Help me, Obi-Wan” incarnation. The video still leaves something to be desired; much of the time, the image looks rather like something assembled from colored Post-It notes. However, the audio quality seems quite good, and this could be a way to create talking business cards for the benefit of folks with visual or cognitive disabilities, especially if something more ubiquitous than a webcam (a cellie, mebee?) could trigger playback.

Engadget: Augmented reality business card sells itself

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  1. Jim Tobias says:

    Augmented reality may also be a good way to deliver captions, superimposed on the live conversation.

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