Zipper code?

Blocky black-and-white QR (“Quick Response”) bar codes are apparently quite the thing in Japan, where you point a smartphone at them, snap their picture, and an associate website pops up. A company called Fluid Forms is coming out with belt buckles customized with the URL of your choice, followed by a whole line of QR jewelry. We’ll pass on the fashion statement and instead think about the implications of having QR codes used in various media for advertising, information sources, etc. so that people with dexterity or cognitive disabilities could point, click, and access websites without having to remember or type long URLs.

Wired: QR Buckle Advertises Your Web Site Above Your Crotch

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  1. No less an entity than Google is now using QR codes in window decals for businesses earning the “Favorite Place on Google” designation, opening the way to easy access to various types of relevant information. (We’ll provide you with the uncoded opinion that the restaurant they mention has entrees that are very tasty, if a little too hot even for our asbestonian inclinations.)

    SFGate: Google takes on Zagat with disruptive decal technology

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