La vida ProLoquo

USA Today reports a classic example of how basing assistive strategies on mainstream equipment can be cost-effective. Most communication devices used by individuals who are non-verbal due to either speech or cognitive disabilities are either highly simplistic or cost thousands of dollars. However, ProLoquo2Go, based on an earlier software program for the Macintosh, runs on the iPhone. Total cost for app + iPhone = $500, and no extra charge for the fact that this solution has the aesthetic advantage of being a standard piece of equipment rather than a bulky and “special” device.

USA Today: iPhone applications can help the autistic

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  1. Jim Tobias says:

    Proloquo2Go also works with iPod Touch. These portable devices have so much horsepower, they are perfect platforms for AT applications.

  2. Looks like the iPad could be in the same category–welcome by business; anathema to Medicare because, heaven forfend, someone might use them for non-AT as well as AT purposes:

    AMS Vans: Businesses praise iPad in helping meet the needs of disabled employees

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