Eye yi yi

The EyeSeeCam was originally developed at the University of Munich as a way to track eye movement during cognitive studies. It’s now being developed as a way to communicate with servos to provide hands-free control of various devices, with obvious benefits for folks with dexterity disabilities. No word yet on estimated availability.

Sidebar: we’re getting mighty tired of the continued insistence in mainstream blogs that technology like this is great for use by people who are “impaired” (shudder), but if you’re “normal” (double shudder) and choose to use it, you’re just lazy. We can think of plenty of practical ways this type of technology could have non-accessibility applications–how about for controlling a video camera from a distance if your subject is skittish wildlife? Or discretely dimming the lights without breaking the focus of a tryst? At present, the issue is irrelevant anyway for this prototype: it’s more than bulky-geeky enough that no one’s going to wear it if it doesn’t provide major benefits.

Ubergizmo: EyeSeeCam relies on eyes as controller

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