Seller wall may be door

Like Microsoft’s Surface, Artefact Group has built a huge contextual display for retail spaces.  Take that skirt you’re looking at, place it on “The Wall”, then put your phone next to it to get “Cute or Boot” comments on the skirt from the people you dial most often.  Designed to compete with online selling, The Wall lets consumers gather additional information from far and wide, while allowing retailers to jazz up the place and encourage … more sales!  We’ve got our perennial 2-edged-sword response: what a great way to check for accessibility information, or assistive technology compatibility!  But will any of the display’s capabilities be in alternate media, or even large enough letters, and what about users who can’t lift items onto it?  Don’t mind us, we’re stuck on “maybe”.

The Wall: A Next Generation Retail Experience | Artefact | Blog

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  1. Kevin Wong says:

    Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the post! I’m glad you can agree on the assistant like nature of the concept that will maybe someday help both customers and the sales staff.

    There are a lot of details that haven’t been though through at a level we feel happy with. Things like accessibility and privacy are known issues that we would like to address because it is a large part of the customer experience.

    While what we have shown is a large wall that does everything, we have additional ideas that take the form of other interactions such as the mobile component, personal computing and smaller embedded kiosks. This is certainly not a once size fits all solution.

    Anyways, would love to hear more of your thoughts! the feedback is great.


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