Google gaggle demo steno

Yet another disruptive Google service, for voice communications.  Two years ago Google bought GrandCentral, the call routing and answering service that let you coordinate all your phone lines and devices and manage them by schedule, by caller, etc.  GrandCentral has just re-opened as “Google Voice”, with all the old features and a few new ones.  For example, voice messages are transcribed by default.  Deaf users will not need to do back-flips to get spoken messages in text form, and other users may take advantage of such a feature to help manage their days and to-do lists.  The fact that Google Voice is free leads us to wonder if they’ll be massaging our messages the way they do with our Gmail and Google searches.  Available now only for existing GrandCentral users; open enrollment “in a matter of weeks”.

Google Voice: Google Voice Emerges from GrandCentral, Transcribes Voicemail

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