I’m Ghana make you see

Literacy Bridge, a Seattle non-profit, is piloting a $10 device that plays audio files, with initial dissemination in Ghana. One purpose is to spread information, so this will be a usable strategy for people with visual disabilities, especially since the primary control buttons should be easy to distinguish by touch. Another is to improve literacy, so some audio files will be redundant with textbooks, allowing individuals to accommodate their most effective learning style–visual, audio, or both simultaneously. If transcripts are also available for the informational audio, people with hearing disabilities will be accommodated as well. And if people can record their own files, this could even serve as a basic communication device. Given that the World Health Organization estimates a 10% rate of disability in Ghana, we applaud Literacy Bridge for this thoughtful design.

Slashgear: Literacy Bridge sub-$10 audio computer starts education trail

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