‘Word to your ‘puter

Passwords, by their nature, present a dilemma: the more secure they are, the more difficult they can be for the owner to remember. Add a plethora of different passwords for all your computer needs, and things get trickier; add a memory impairment and you near unmanageability. Atek has come up with a possible solution in the form of a small device that stores up to 200 passwords (user-specified or randomly generated) that can be automatically retrieved upon entry of a single master password. Besides passwords, the owner can store other personal information such as frequent flyer numbers or PIN codes. It’s not foolproof–you can’t reset the master password or retrieve it if you forget it–but it’s likely to improve life for many people, at a cost around $30.

TechNewsWorld: Portable Password Protector Locks Your Secrets Tight

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