Have a poke and a smile

Here come soda vending machines with enormous touchscreen LCDs instead of pushbuttons, displaying tantalizing animated beverages and letting you make your selection from a series of screens.  The usual two-edged access sword we get with touchscreens: the size of the targets and contextual clarity of the interface may make it attractive to some folks with cognitive or dexterity disabilities, while blind and low vision users will be mystified by the silent, unfeelable control.  It’s touchscreen ATMs all over again; Commissioner, activate the Lainey Feingold beacon!

Note that this soda machine has a WiFi interface to aid in managing malfunctions and soda supply.  If users can log in from their accessible wireless devices, and select and pay through their preferred interface, we have a winner.

Coming Soon: Touch Screen Vending Machines | PSFK

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