Grippity hop

The Grippity keyboard looks like it has a fairly standard key layout, until you realize that the labels on the front are just a guide to the actual keys, which are on the back side. Potentially an option for people who have difficulty lifting their arms to use a standard keyboard (and that includes some of our clients with repetitive strain injuries). It has a nicely positioned thumb-controlled trackball, too.

TechEBlog: Grippity

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  1. Jim Tobias says:

    We saw a prototype of this kind of thing a short while back: I don’t see much mainstream advantage for using this approach as a regular keyboard, but it’d make a great camera interface.

  2. From an ergonomic standpoint it’s not a bad design for a variety of reasons, including eliminating the temptation to put the wrists flat on a desk and thereby run the risk of putting pressure on the carpal tunnel. It might also permit more user gracefulness if used as an external keyboard for mobile devices, since you can use both hands for typing rather than having to use one to hold the keyboard.

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