Color my world

We’ve always liked the eyedropper tool in paint programs that let you select a color from an existing graphic or picture and use it elsewhere. Apparently someone else also liked this feature enough to try importing it to the real world. The Color Picker Pen (just a prototype for now) can be pointed at any object; the color is then recorded and is reproduced when the pen is applied to paper. Our guess is that people with various types of visual disabilities could make good use of this for communicating information about clothing, wallpaper, or other items they want to color-coordinate.

OhGizmo: Color Picker Pen

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  1. A competing product is now available from Pantone; it’ll set you back a whopping $649. We should be able to do this more economically as an iPhone app, no?

    Engadget: Pantone’s CAPSURE tells you what color anything is, easily separates salmon from rose

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