You just might find you can get what you need

Dexterity impairments, like most types of disabilities, come in a wide variety of manifestations. For example, some people with incomplete quadriplegia or arthritis may have a limited range of motion and prefer their input devices to be compact, while some people with cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s may have difficulty with precision and prefer larger target keys. So we think it’s a very happy coincidence that this morning we found two alternatives to the 3.5″ iPhone screen: An iPhone with up to 9″ of screen area, theoretically available in the second half of next year, and a stylus-based watch phone with a 1.3″ screen, available now.

Gadgets Weblog: Who Needs an iPhone Nano – Just get a Special Ops Watch Phone

Cnet News: Report: Apple working on large-screen iPod Touch

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