OLED us into temptation

Another holiday season come and gone, and still no one’s gifted AoMS with an Optimus OLED keyboard. Maybe next year we’ll drop hints for a more modest product from United Keys, which has 9 programmable keys (available as either part of a keyboard or a separate keypad) with high-contrast monochrome displays. Its driver software does something that we’re not sure even Optimus does, which is to recognize the currently active application and load the relevant commands and icons accordingly, reducing the dexterity and cognitive load for any user.

Technabob: United Keys offers OLED keyboards on the cheap

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  1. James Daily says:

    There’s already an older patent for the OLED Keyboard held by somoene else in the United States. United Keys will eventually have to confront the patent holder of the Display Keyboard since this patent already exists. Acevedo is the owner of the Display Keyboard concept as stated by his patent.

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