Thesaurus Rex

Those struggling to remember a particular word — all of us, but especially those with some cognitive disabilities — often know some of its letters or other foggy fragments. Now you can type in what you’ve got and receive the rest: Tip of My Tongue lives on the web and provides the missing piece of the puzzle, perhaps. Can we hope for a marshalling yard for missing trains of thought next?

Web Utilities: Tip of My Tongue Finds the Word You’re Looking For

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  1. Neat utility, but disappointing that it can’t do phonic prediction–e.g., if I type in “f,” it doesn’t retrieve words with “ph.” This will significantly reduce its effectiveness for a lot of people with ongoing language disabilities, as well for as those with temporary ones (e.g., beginning literacy and ESL). Here’s hoping for an even better version that can take input and come up with more squishy results–a marshmallowing yard, if you will.

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