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Another take on gesture control: Toshiba’s got a camera system that sits atop your screen facing the viewer.  Just make a fist (the angry-at-TV-pundit jokes write themselves) and move it around to summon up all the functions you normally have on a remote.  Plus, when was the last time you lost your fist among the cushions?

We love the basic idea of gesture interfaces, because they’re generally less demanding of hand function.  But we’ve gotta ask the Toshibanistas — how tight a fist?  How large and smooth does the movement have to be?  It’s all about the flexibility and personalization, right?

They’ve also got a cue card function: hold up an image and the TV knows what to do.  Maybe too dexterity demanding, but probably great for viewers with cognitive disabilities (more jokes writing themselves, dammit).  Speech recognition, too.

Toshiba’s Cambridge Research Lab shows off gesture-controlled TVs, image recognition – Engadget

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