Overlay the overpass in overdrive

Blaupunkt’s new car navigation device sports a road-facing video camera, and it ain’t there for laughs. The Travel Pilot N700 superimposes arrows, speed limits, and other navigational assistance on top of the live video, so you can watch the road and get directions at the same time, supplemented by voice.  This gadget is doing some elementary video recognition, and delivering information in a cognitively friendly manner.  You don’t have to flick your eyeballs back and forth, or decipher hideous LCD road ribbons. What’s next, hitchhiker background checks? Roadside fruit stand ripeness reports?  Whatever happened to the good old days of getting lost?  If we could find our way, we’d go back there.

Navigation: Blaupunkt Travel Pilot N700 Overlays Directions on Live Video, Reads Street Signs

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