Groqit is a smallish barcode scanner that stores up to a million codes from various commercial products, so you can know instantly whether you’ve ever scanned this particular item before. We could see all kinds of access applications for this, from cognitive assistance (“Oh, the code for this DVD is already in the scanner; I must already own it”) to communication with helpers (the code list can be converted back into product names and electronically shared with others, so you could email Sis your usual shopping list when she’s filling in for your regular caregiver). Let’s hope the manufacturers make at least enough money off this to afford a “u.”

OhGizmo: Groqit remembers your purchases even if you don’t

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  1. From AOMS correspondent Evelyn Sinclair:


    Having read this site’s mission statement, I understand you’re looking for creative ways to use whatever comes along, to the purpose of making living with disabilities easier.

    The Groqit device is part of a whole system, the part that reads barcodes and makes lists portable so its easy to scan things anywhere and to look up what’s in inventory anywhere. The translation databases on line are set up for Books, Movies, Games and Music. (Groceries are a lot harder to deal with, from a barcode-translation standpoint.)

    But for those who have large libraries, the Groqit is a “cognitive assistant” galore. That is exactly what it was designed to do. I do not consider myself cognitively impaired, but I have brought home second copies of books by favorite authors — that looked different to me because they had new cover art. I have tried and failed to recall which Mozart or Vivaldi pieces I already had recordings of at home. Those with disabilities are just as likely as the rest of us to want entertainment, and to amass collections that at some point become hard to keep track of.

    There are free tools to help people organize and catalogue their collections, online, using our site.

    No one has to buy the device to use them.

    Here’s the link for “What do I get FREE, without buying a Groqit:

    Here’s the link for “How to share your lists — FREE:

    Even a collection small enough that you don’t forget what’s in it can and should be cataloged on our site. We store the information securely in our data base in case of disaster, if that data is ever needed for insurance. Sharing lists with friends in a whole different good reason.

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