Ergo Fido

We were getting rusty on our current knowledge of ACT (assistive canine technology), so we were pleased to encounter the Hugx Ergonomic Dog Bowl, scientifically designed–by Mercedes engineers, no less–to position food at the ergonomically correct height for pooches; also comes in kitty size and with optional diamond bling. Take the ears and tongue off the bowl and make the stand adjustable, and we could see this being useful dining ware for people with some types of dexterity disabilities; using the top of the bowl as a surface to push food against would make it easier to pick up.

InventorSpot: What’s $1,000 for your dog’s food bowl?

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  1. Jim Tobias says:

    at $100 for the model without the diamond it almost approaches the prices found in therapy catalogs. Perhaps we’ve found a new product category: enaBLING technology….

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