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AT&T is announcing their work on Speech Mashup, the first glimmer of voice recognition capability for the iPhone and some other AT&T Internet-based hardware. This holds promise as one strategy that will let folks with visual and dexterity disabilities bypass touchscreen technology. Unfortunately, none of it yet is local (e.g., you can’t use it for dialing); instead, it bounces your voice to a Web server, which translates it into commands for functions such as looking up addresses. It’s a start.

Gadget Lab: AT&T Developing Speech Recognition Potentially for iPhone

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  1. Jim Tobias says:

    This is more than a start — it’s an implementation of “Network-based accessibility solutions”, which are very promising. Instead of requiring users to have high-tech high-cost handsets, relax and let the network do the heavy lifting. Great potential for application in developing countries.

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