Ergo with some cogito

“Ergonomic” is one of those words (like “inconceivable”) that doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it means. The Alien Mouse design claims ergonomic superiority, and at first glance we almost agree. It seems to hold the wrist in an appropriate neutral position, it molds to the user’s hand (we’re assuming not in a way that would cause cramping), and if we understand the description properly it lets the user trade off between using it as a traditional mouse and as a finger-controlled joystick. What concerns us is that it has a vibrating pulse for “relaxing muscles”, since vibration has been identified as both a potential cause of repetitive strain injuries and as an aggravator of existing RSI. Tell us that at least the vibration could be turned off, and we’ll be happier.

The Design Blog: Mouse that relieves stress and RSI in an “Alien” form

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