Vox Popularis

Just when we thought we’d have to let a month pass without mentioning news from the Optimus Keyboard folks, Art Lebedev announces the Optimus Popularis. According to the man, “Shorter than Maximus, it will not use OLED screens, but will be based on a totally different principle.” Principle TBD, although the prototype appears to have been sculpted from butter. In any case, it’ll cost “under $1,000,” so we might be able to buy one and spring for lunch, too. Watch this space–

LiveJournal: Optimus Popularis First Mock-up

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2 Responses to Vox Popularis

  1. Principle is LEDs instead of OLEDs. And almost exactly two years later, it’s no longer like butter, but it’s still vaporware.

    Crunchgear: Optimus Popularis will cost less than $1000, remain irrelevant

  2. OK, so it’s a little less vapor-y. But what IS with that widget display? It’s going to make a lot of chiropractors happy, but not too many other folks.

    Crunchgear: First shots of Optimus Popularis keyboard emerge

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