Thinking a head

Given that the Internet is the most powerful information tool ever devised, it’s good that someone would come up with a website to let you easily find…a local bathroom. Locations can be added and identified by whether a purchase is required, whether there are baby changing capabilities–and whether they’re wheelchair accessible!

Popgadget: MizPee helps you get back to basics

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One Response to Thinking a head

  1. Have2P is an iPhone application with the same purpose. Our attention was caught by the claim that “An urgency detector senses when you (and the phone) are shaking and starts a fresh search for nearby restrooms,” since someone with dexteritily limitations might find it useful to get new listings by conciously shaking the phone. Not clear, though, whether Have2P also tracks wheelchair accessibility, so we’ll let you know if/when they respond to our inquiry..


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