Let’s do the twist

We’ve reported before on an application that takes advantage of the iPhone’s position sensors; apparently this type of sensor is about to become a more standard issue for all types of gaming and information management applications. This trend means that several functions could now be easier to use for people with a range of dexterity disabilities.

NY Times: Just a Twist (and Tilt) of the Wrist

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2 Responses to Let’s do the twist

  1. Jim Tobias says:

    Easier for some, perhaps more difficult for others. If grip is required (duck that Wiimote!), or smooth movement through space, these interfaces may exclude as many as they include. As usual, redundant options are going to be a big part of the solution.

  2. Agreed, and of course there’s also the issue of too much bending, twisting, and tilting having the potential to cause dexterity disabilities…

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