First peek at a pico-projector

 We’ve been posting on pico-projectors for a while, those tiny projectors planned to replace or supplement the screens on mobile products.  Now one has actually reached the market, a media player.  The relevant concerns? People with impaired dexterity may not be able to hold these products well enough for convenient use.  And will the projected image be bright enough?  This one is rated at 9 lux (for a 53 inch image), which is less than a footcandle — the brightness of a surface illuminated by a single candle held a foot away.  A smaller image may be bright enough to use, depending on ambient lighting conditions.  We’d be less worried if we knew there had been some attempt to factor in the needs of users with relevant disabilities.

PMP: Sunvision PMPP, World First Media Player With Pico-Projector

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  1. Mixed predictions from the Society for Information Display conference: by 2012, brightness is supposed to quadruple, but size will be reduced by a factor of 10 (although it’s not clear whether he’s referring to standard projectors or to existing picos).

    Tech-On: [SID] Projectors to Go Mobile Soon, Firm Says

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